NC State Wolfpack Authentic Barrelhead Strutting Wolf Clock


North Carolina State Wolfpack Authentic Barrelhead Strutting Wolf Clock

Part of the recycled Wine Barrel Series, by Timeless Etchings. This clock has quality etchings on re-purposed wood, with roman numerals and the Strutting Wolf on the face of the clock. 22 6/8 inch diameter. This clock uses one AA battery.

**Due to these designs being printed on wine barrel tops, the coloring may be more distressed**

**These clocks are only available for IN-STORE pickup**


Timeless Etchings Co. was established in August of 2013 with one laser and one product line in a two car garage in Milton-Freewater, OR. 100% of our product line is produced from used red wine barrels and barrel parts and in addition to being one of a kind works of art are also fully functional items such as clocks, mirrors, coat racks, coasters and bottle openers.

Scarred, dinged, sometimes dented and always stained red from the fine wines that the barrel once produced, these barrels help tell a story of a unique life and product. From American and French oak barrels, handmade by coopers with precision care and a lot of hard work, these are beautiful in their own right. However, after a certain number of years, the oak in these barrels become neutral and can no longer contribute to the taste or character of the wine.

Every year thousands of these barrels are retired, recycled and sold, typically to be turned into planters to sit and rot away in a garden or landscape. At Timeless Etchings Co. we believe that something this beautiful and masterfully crafted is worthy of a more dignified end. We take these barrels and give them the retirement and purpose they deserve by turning them into beautiful one of a kind gifts and conversation pieces that will last a lifetime. Throughout their lifespan these barrels are true works of art and we do our part to make sure that they stay that way.

Barcode: 302629

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