NC State Wolfpack Red Keychain Bottle Opener

$4.99 $7.99

North Carolina State Wolfpack Red Keychain Bottle Opener. The Bev Key does all this in a two-ounce package and keeps your keys together.

***Available online only***

  • One side of the donut hole has teeth to grab the points on a twist-off bottle cap, effectively doubling your grip (even more so when the bottle is cold and wet)
  • The other side of the donut is squared off for use as a "church key" to pry off classic bottle caps - though you do need fair hand strength to make it work
  • There's a slot in one edge that fits over pull-tabs and pop-tops to greatly increase your leverage (especially for those with pricey manicures)
SKU: K438
Barcode: 220266

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